Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LEXSUS es300, 92model, how to change front turn bulbs????

Hey Everybody, I have a real problem and don't wanna pay for it. It just my right turn signals from rear and front blink too fast. And on instrumental panel also it shows that right turn blinks too fast, but if I press emergency light on - all four turns blink normal speed, even the right one, which by itself alone blink fast. So I think on of my right turn bulbs gonna burn out soon ,and most probably it's the front one. And I do not know how to get there to change it. I tried, I removed the container for washer fluid, but that was it, I did not even see the way I could change the bulb, it just was not enterence to it there.

So please help, if some one has ilistrative example or pictures, I would realy appriciate it, thanks!!!!LEXSUS es300, 92model, how to change front turn bulbs????i own a repair shop and see if has two screws in the front on the lens if it does remove these and it will get you to the bulb,if not look under the car under the bumper,you should be able to gain access to the back of the light,if you can, the socket probably just twist out,and that will easily gain you access to it,good luck with it hope this helps.

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